“For the last ten years, Lois has been one of the most influential people in my life.  Her consultations are honest, insightful, and very accurate.  She has guided me through several important career and personal decisions and has helped me to discover what I need in my life to be truly happy.”  -Dave

“Lois is sharp as a tack, keenly insightful and closely connected to a higher intelligence.  She has recently been a major catalyst in my life for positive change—both emotionally and also in my long and arduous career change, relocation, and job hunt.  Like a lantern in my darkness, she has guided me on my path to find myself and propelled me to build my self-confidence. She is real and she provides tremendous resources for many needs.” -JG

“Lois is awesome!!!!!!! What a Godsend we have her – I know she’s helped a lot of people & she is one of the most high integrity people I’ve met in a long time! I feel like I definitely had a shift after meeting her & she was the resource I needed to give myself some structure for my spiritual work ahead.”  -Teresa

“I have gone to Lois for several years. She always tells me the truth. I hate that ;)”  -Sandy

“Lois is so good with relationships. Not only did she lead me to the love of my life, but she helps us every time we hit a bump in the road.  She is amazing at couples readings.  At times when we are barely able to look each other in the eye, we walk away feeling the love we had that got us together. Not only that but we have new tools to help us keep feeling that way.”  -JF + TF

“I had just moved to Austin and was dating a guy I had developed a long-distance friendship with prior to my move. Early on, I suggested we see a psychic–something Austin-weird that would be fun and entertaining. Within the first 15 minutes of our reading, Lois said, “Congratulations! How cool that you found each other! I hope you invite me to your wedding.” Reluctant to even call Mark my “boyfriend,” I asked “Are you crazy? We just started dating.” She said I could walk away, but that it would be a terrible shame because she saw marriage, children, and a wonderful life for us together. Today Mark and I are married and live in our dream house with Mark’s wonderful daughter, Audrey, and our angelic baby, Sadie. We’ve seen Lois many times since then, taken her intuition classes, and recommended her to many friends who have their own life-changing Lois stories to tell.” -Monica

“Working with Lois has brought much needed clarity to my life. She is the most intuitive, genuine, and caring person I know. I recommend her to my friends, family, and clients all the time. She has helped me in my career, relationships, and finances. I consider her one of the best resources in Austin!” -TB

“A session with Lois can change your life, and it isn’t just what she intuits about you (and that is amazing in itself). Her very presence—heart energy par excellence—is healing and renewing. So get ready to learn vital information that can lead to the breakthrough you’ve been wanting, to profoundly deepen your understanding of yourself and to move towards having the life of your dreams!” -KL

“Lois gave me candid sexual advice.  I’m much happier now.”  -Ben

Natalie’s Story:

“I came to Austin, Texas in May of 2005 for my best friend’s wedding, and what happened during that visit changed the course of my life. The bride had bought me a session with Lois, but I was reluctant to go, figuring it would be a waste of time and skeptical of anyone’s ability to see into the future.

Up until that day, I had been unhappily pursuing my academic interests at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. As soon as I walked into her house, Lois asked me, “Why the hell are you living in Columbia? You’re supposed to be living here in Austin.” At first I assumed that Lois had heard about my friend’s numerous requests that I move to Austin, but what took place over the course of the next hour convinced me otherwise and still floors me to this day.

I had moved to Columbia for love and, when the romance ended, decided to stay for the academics. At USC, I had begun my life-goal of getting a masters degree; it awakened a sense of purpose and passion that had been missing in my life. The problem was that although Columbia was beautiful and the people were friendly, I was suffocated by the politically and religiously conservative environment. I felt lonely and out of place, but had not been willing to admit that I had made a mistake moving there in the first place.

When Lois asked me why I was living in Columbia and not Austin, I told her it was for school. I explained that while I had been waitlisted at the University of Texas, I had received generous funding and research preference at USC. From the beginning I had thought that UT was a long shot for me; I had really only applied there because my friend kept encouraging me to. But I had had little hope of getting in.

When Lois asked me why I had such little faith in myself, I said that the UT program was far more prestigious than USC’s and that I was sure I wasn’t smart enough to be there. As I spoke, I felt as if I were trying to talk myself into believing my own words. Then Lois said something that I tried to blow off, but it resonated so deeply in my soul, I couldn’t ignore it. She said, “You screwed up. You sabotaged your own destiny by not believing you could have what you want.”

Even though I tried to keep a cool exterior and hold onto the lie I had been telling myself for so long, my face got hot and tears started streaming down my face. Lois insisted that my destiny was in Austin and that if I stayed in South Carolina, I would die a spiritual death and be so miserable and lonely that none of my dreams would be realized. What she was telling me made me extremely uncomfortable since the obvious comfortable path for me was to continue living in Columbia and not to rearrange my life to be in Austin where I had not even been accepted to graduate school.

Yet something inside of me knew that Lois was right. I had given up on the chance of finding lasting love and I certainly was living with the belief that I could not fully achieve my career goals. I had not felt happy or connected with my life for nearly three years. What on earth made me think my feelings would change in the next three? Even more disturbing to me was why I was willing to be miserable just to get a degree that I could get elsewhere.

Lois kept encouraging me to call the director of the UT program and “talk him into” accepting me. She insisted that my destiny was here. She said, “The man you’re supposed to marry is here. Big love, children, the whole deal is here in Austin and you’re missing it.” Lois had no personal investment in how I lived my life-she was just the messenger. And her intuition was picking up the message so loudly that she simply could not stop talking about it. She insisted over and over again that it was possible for me to have my career and find love all in the same place.

Lois finally broke through my pessimism and convinced me to contact the director of the UT graduate program. She even suggested I call from her home. And so I did. I left a message asking him to reconsider my application. Shortly after I returned to Columbia, he returned my call and we had a great conversation. He took me off the waitlist and accepted my application over the phone, even ensuring me a funded position as a teaching assistant. I will never forget the elation I felt when he said, “Welcome to Austin.” I was excited, grateful, and relieved that I would no longer be living where I was not thriving personally.

Within a month of moving to Austin, I met a guy who I could be myself with. I hadn’t realized until I was in a relationship where I could be myself that I had been living as an imposter in all my previous relationships. Not long after we met, we moved in together and a month later, I was pregnant. In under two years, I had found a challenging and exciting graduate program, married the love of my life, and given birth to a healthy baby.

Even though all of these key life events happened at breakneck speed and have often been overwhelming, I have never been happier. Lois had been right. My destiny was here, waiting for me. I was just late showing up.” -Natalie

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