What is Intuition?

Intuition is often defined as “knowing without regard to reason.” In other words, intuition is knowing the truth about something based on how you feel, not on what you think. 

Oprah defines intuition this way: “If you let it, the noise of the world will drown out the voice of God, which is your intuition. So you must be still and go inside yourself. When you silence yourself and go inside, you have all the answers. That is where true peace and glory lie.”

I believe that intuition is the pathway to truth, and that when accessed correctly it is 100% accurate.

What is an Intuitive?

Everyone has intuition; an Intuitive has simply developed his or her intuition to a greater degree than most people. Trusting his or her intuition allows the Intuitive to give unbiased answers to challenging questions and frequently provides a different viewpoint or an option not previously considered.

If you go to an Intuitive and you feel judged, then the Intuitive has left their intuition. Judgment comes from thought and is never “channeled” as an intuition.

As an Intuitive, I strive to help people find the truth by giving clear, concise answers to difficult questions. While I am direct, I am committed to answering all questions presented in a compassionate and thoughtful manner. 

When Should You Consult an Intuitive?

A good time to consult an intuitive is when one reaches a crossroads in life. Most people get overwhelmed when confronted with too many options. Usually the next course of action is to start overthinking; then a cycle occurs in the mind, followed by confusion. The confusion often leads to fear which facilitates worry about the possibility of making the wrong decision.

An intuitive helps sort through all the options presented so that the client can come to the best possible conclusion without fear or apprehension. I believe that if the client is given the space to go deep inside, they can use their own intuitive power without the attachments that started the confusion in the first place. It is my job as an intuitive to help provide the answers and it is the client’s job to decide if it resonates as a truth. If it doesn’t resonate as a pure truth, then it is wrong.

Some Common Stumbling Blocks

The most common stumbling block to accessing your intuitive truth is allowing the moment of knowing to pass and moving into intellect. No real truth can be found through thought, and asking the wrong question or phrasing the question incorrectly will always lead to the wrong answer.

When one has a strong emotional attachment to an outcome, it’s quite difficult to even ask the right question. 

For example, many people ask me, “Will I ever find my life partner?” Ever is a really long time and its use creates a lack of focus in the question. A more effective question and one with a more accessible answer would be, “What can I do now to find a life-partner?” 

Ultimately, the most challenging stumbling block is willingness to accept the answer, especially if it is something you don’t want to hear or consider.

If stumbling blocks happen far too often, then an Intuition Class would be in order.

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