Intuitive Consultations

The focus of a session with Lois is on present time issues. She will deliver the information that she receives in a conversational style that matches the individual needs of the client. She will help the client process the information and won’t move on to a new subject matter until she is certain the client fully understands the information they were given. Lois will have you pull five cards. She does not read tarot but often uses the pictures on the cards to give her areas of subject matter. Lois covers a multitude of practical matters as well as the spiritual ones that might happen to show up. Sessions are recorded and normally take about two hours. The recording will be sent by email on $140.00 per session.

Couples Readings

Both members of the couple will have individual information delivered about their present time issues (see above) plus any issues that couples need to work on together will be presented. Lois is very good at working with couples on any issues that are keeping them from fully engaging in the most joyful productive loving relationship possible. Lois is a big believer in love and will do everything she can to promote it in a healthy way. She always knows when a relationship is salvageable and when it might be time to take another path. Sessions are recorded and normally take about three hours. The recording will be sent by email on $200.00 per session.

Phone Consultations

(Out of state only) are available for $90.00 an hour, pre-paid on paypal. Email or call to arrange an appointment time.

Intuitive Tune-ups

Are you stuck? Do you just have a question or two you need some help with, or an issue you can’t resolve? If you don’t need a full consultation, call Lois for an intuitive tune-up. Each 15 MINUTE increment by phone is $25.00. Call Lois at 512 445-0627

Length of Call


“I have consulted with Lois on important investment deals for many years. She has also advised me on how to best handle various personalities, including my own business partners, in business negotiations. I have always found the information she provided to be invaluable.”
— Bill, Investor

“I wanted to buy and bed and breakfast in Costa Rica. I found what looked like a good one. I called Lois and told her it was listed at $225.000. She said it was ideal for my needs but to just offer $175,000. I was concerned that it was too low. She said, “Don’t worry, she will counter with $190,000.” She did and now I am the proud owner of a B and B at a price I could afford. Lois has a great intuitive insight in real-estate, both in numbers and marketing solutions.”
— Sherry, Realtor and B&B owner.

“You see, I’m not very spiritual. I don’t go to church or follow any variety of mysticism or religion….except fashion. I do subscribe to one tenet, however, that if it’s not pretty, I don’t want to see it. I’m self-admittedly deeply superficial–one of those fashionistas about whom they say, “What do you get when you scratch the surface? More surface.” So it was with a great deal of insouciance that I sashayed myself right into the chair of Lois. The sign on the table said “Intuitive Readings by Lois–concise, compassionate communication about your past. present, and future.” Like Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest, I whiled around in my chair and said, “Let’s go.” Lois had me draw four cards, and in the blink of an eye (several blinks actually), she had read my beads up and down. She ticked off an astoundingly specific list of major factors in my life, and was blunt about my role in them. I won’t divulge the content, but needless to say, I give Lois major marks for accuracy.”
— Steven McMillian Moser, “After a fashion,” May 17, 2002, The Austin Chronicle

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