Intuition Classes

Several times a year, Lois offers a series of six 3-hour classes in Austin Texas. Her classes are fun and extremely informative. Lois’ classes focus heavily on how to ask the right question to ensure the right intuitive response. Each class includes a review of prior material and a question period during which time students and Lois intuitively answer personal questions that other students bring to class. If you’re interested in taking intuition classes, contact Lois so she can get you on the list for the next class.

Basic intuition: introduction and space clearing.

Reading the pictures on tarot cards (Note: We will not be learning tarot.)

Communicating with animals; reading people’s photos.

Getting intuitive information using kinesthetics, including body scanning, pendulums, and muscle testing.

Communicating with the dead.

Past lives and much more.

Next Regular Class: Starts on January 3, 2018
Cost: $240

Next Weekend Intensive Class: July 28-30th, 2017
Cost: $240


“I can honestly say that my life changed after taking Lois’ intuition class. I was finally able to make sense of and take the reins of my six sense—something I’d been grappling with my whole life. The class was wholly informative and gave ample time to cover and explore the many facets of intuition. Every night I left amazed at the power within myself and all of us.”

“Lois is an honest and effective teacher; I have recommended her classes and services to many people and will continue to do so. I wish I could take her class again.” -Jennifer

“I am very blessed to have been introduced to Lois. She has made me realize that I have always had hidden and untapped intuitive talent. Having experienced the value of a reading with Lois, I was intrigued to participate in her intuition class. At first I doubted my abilities. But by the end of the first class when I had proven to myself that I was actually able to “read” complete strangers, I began to let my guard down. Having completed the class, I no longer doubt. I know and I trust myself. I no longer have to seek answers from others.”

“I highly recommend taking this class. You will see which areas of intuition you excel in and which ones you may want to develop further.” -Ecila

Intuition Summer Camp

Lois is offering a half-day summer camp for young people (ages 9-15) this summer:

Next Class: June 26-30th (M-F) 8:30am – 12:30pm
Cost: $200

This 5 day camp will have very similar subject matter as the adult intuition class (see above).  If interested please contact Lois ASAP to get your young person enrolled.

On-line Dating Profile Writing and How to Date 101

Many people have tried on-line dating and failed. Ultimately they just couldn’t attract what they were seeking. Lois contends it starts with the perfect profile and she can help with that. On-line dating can be complicated. Rules are not clearly written and even though it has been around for quite some time, it is still challenging to navigate the complexities of dating in general and on-line dating in particular.

This class will be fun. Attendees will leave with a well-written profile that will attract the “right” person and “how to” date instructions that will provide the needed confidence to jump into the on-line dating scene. This is not the same as the dating workshop described on this page. This is the pre-cursor and just covers the basics to get started. If you are tired of hearing your friends talk about their on-line dating nightmares, if you have your own night-mares, or you are finally wanting to jump in…this is the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon. Sign up now.

Next Class: TBA
Cost: $75

Dating and Relationship Workshop

Do you really want a relationship? Are you tired of not attracting the “right” one? This workshop is a hard hitting high confront look at relationship needs and desires. In this workshop we will look at past patterns and the different love languages that can be effective in changing how we relate to our partners. Attendees will define and refine their ideal relationship in ways they have never done before. Lois will offer new concepts that go against all the “old rules” of dating. These concepts (and more) aren’t generally spoken of in traditional relationship ‘self-help” books and are what makes this workshop unique and thought-provoking.

Lois has helped more than a thousand people with dating and relationships over many years. She will answer all relationship questions honestly and intuitively no matter how complex. Attendees will leave the workshop with specific instructions on what they need to do as an individual to finally get exactly what they want.

The workshop will take place on a Sunday from 10-5 with an hour break for lunch. It will include Lois reviewing each attendee’s on-line profile (if they have one) and making changes that will help attract the perfect partner. Although the workshop will be highly informative, enlightening, and helpful beyond measure, it will also be fun with many humorous moments. (Warning: this workshop will include honest open discussions about sex.)

Next Class: TBA
Cost: $120


“I recently attended Lois’s relationship workshop and I found it to be truly informative, transformational, thought provoking, and fun. It was packed with valuable information and insight. Lois provided a safe and loving space for our group to explore a very tender topic, one that is dear to all our hearts!!! I started the day discouraged and negative about my relationship history and prospects for the future, and ended the day feeling lighter, clearer, hopeful, and with knowledge of the obstacles that I was putting in my own way!! Lois helped me define my idea of my perfect love relationship and assisted with a plan to attract it into my life. I strongly encourage anyone who is “sort of thinking about it ” or “definitely wants” a relationship to take this workshop. It will change your life!!” -Dolphinda

“I am so happy Lois created her Dating and Relationship Workshop and that I decided to attend. I’d been on the fence for several years about whether I really wanted a relationship and a part of me even felt that my time had passed. Lois’ workshop helped me clarify what I wanted and provided a supportive environment for exploring what a great relationship encompasses. By the end of the day I knew exactly what I wanted and what I had to offer. I also had a positive plan for action that I would not have come up with on my own. I left feeling lighter and confident, both about my present and my future. Lois’ insight, guidance and intuition are a true blessing. I highly recommend this workshop!” -Lisa

Women’s Relationship Support Group

This group meets on Monday nights 6:30 – 9:30. There are four sessions meeting every two weeks. This is for women who are interested in being in a relationship and for women who have one but desire to make productive changes for the betterment of both partners. It is a very high confront group that requires a willingness and great desire to move forward quickly. The purpose of the group is to remove any road blocks to healthy happy relationships including the fear of having one. This is not a therapy group. A short interview is required to assure that the group is a good fit for the participants needs.

Next Class: TBA
Cost: $240


“Lois’ relationship class was a fun and enlightening experience. Our group had a wonderful sense of community and I still feel like I could tell those women anything. I learned to let go of my fears and open myself up to giving and receiving love. I also learned to be honest with myself about what I was looking for in a partner. Since I took the class, I have been able to navigate relationships more successfully. Everyone who is looking for love needs to take this class.” – K.P.

“A relationship class can take many forms. Lois’ class was unique. A wide spectrum of women attended, many in their thirties, seeking a relationship. The class was ideal for them and for me, as well, although I was in my early sixties, married for fourteen years and wanting to deepen my relationship. All of us jumped into the relationship waters together. We treaded, flailed about, occasionally sinking, only to rise and eventually float buoyantly with ease. The openness and insight of those attending, with the enjoyable guidance of Lois, enabled us to focus and look at ourselves honestly, as well as accepting reminders to go beyond our comfort zones. This class made a difference in my relationship. I highly suggest taking the plunge into Lois’ Relationship group. She reminds us all what capable swimmers we are.”  – Sharon

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