About Lois

About Lois

Lois is an Austin, Texas intuitive consultant and teacher. Lois started her intuitive work in 1990 by practicing on anyone and everyone she could find. Her professional career began in January of 1994. Soon after, in 1995, she started teaching intuition classes. Lois has a different delivery than most other intuitive consultants in that she assists her clients with processing information rather than just providing a long list of facts that is often emotionally overwhelming. Her style is conversational and her delivery always matches the individual needs of the client.

Although Lois often provides painfully truthful insights, she generally delivers the information with love, compassion, and deep understanding. Lois has an educational background in business and has owned several successful ones. This makes it easy for her to communicate using appropriate vocabulary in all business, career, and financial matters. She is known for her ability to get to the heart of the matter, only focusing on details when necessary.

She is exceptionally skilled in relationship matters. People who know her well often refer to her as “Austin’s Relationship Guru.” Lois had many different kinds of relationships for many years before meeting the love her life in 2002. She has helped thousands of people in this extremely difficult arena and has had her own “Love Lois” column published in Austin Woman Magazine and in the Austin Post. Lois will be happy to answer your questions anonymously and publish them on the following pages. Submit your questions here.


It is my greatest hope and desire to help as many people as possible. I love teaching and I love doing personal consultations. I hope to reach a wider audience both locally and nationally through my writing and talk radio. I derive great joy from doing individual consultations and relationship counseling with couples. Most importantly, I would like to teach more students. There is nothing that I do that is more satisfying in my life than watching my students realize their own personal power through the development of their intuition. Over the years I have trained many people that felt so empowered that have gone on to become professional readers. My students use the combination of intuition and intention to create powerful, meaningful lives. Intuition classes are fun and life-altering.


I plan to continue all of my artistic endeavors. There are many. I have decorated five art cars, which I have over time, driven on a daily basis. The mermaid gate on this page is one of my artistic endeavors and leads back to the area where I do my consultations. My house is a reflection of my love of color. I have a colorful mural on my backyard fence. It is important to me to live in my own unique space that I have designed without consideration of “resale”. I will continue making my space uniquely mine. Travel is a great passion and there are still many places I have not been. Along the way, I hope to hit every great art museum that I haven’t seen and take pictures of all of nature’s wonders. I also love the theatre and as long as plays are still being written, I will be attending.

Lois Goodman’s Austin by Spike Gillespie

To say Lois Goodman leads a colorful life would be a gross understatement. Regardless of which definition you use for colorful, hers is a world brimming with excitement and vibrancy, from her personality, to her collection of friends, to the bright, multi-colored (inside and out) house in which she lives.

A professional intuitive, Lois provides counseling for the indecisive, heartbroken, and merely inquisitive. She also teaches classes, helping others to develop their own intuitive skills — that’s how I met her. Soon enough, our teacher/student relationship gave way to a great friendship. I love Lois’s energy, her sparkly art car, and her passion for theater, something we share, often swapping post-show critiques with each other.

She has lived here in Austin a long time, connecting with just about everyone, and offering lots of informal advice along with the sort she doles out for a living. Toward that end, she’s a true go-to expert on how best to enjoy Austin. Here, she share’s her insider tips.

Describe Your Perfect Day in Austin

My perfect spring day would include the Sunday brunch at Green Pastures (get directions) with my boyfriend, Stan, and friends. After the meal, Stan and I would take photographs of the resident peacocks. Next we would continue on the photo journey to the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and to the Zilker Botanical Garden (get directions) or the closest cluster of flowers we could find. In the evening we would see some great live theatre (no additional meal required still being full from the brunch).

My perfect summer day would entail hitting Maria’s Taco XPress (get directions) on the way to Pale Face Park — aka Pace Bend Park (get directions) — this is assuming the lake is “up.” I would spend hours floating in Gracy Cove chatting with my best friend(s). We would go home and I would take a brief nap. Next we would watch the sunset and dance to the Atlantics at The Oasis (get directions).

What’s Your Favorite Dish?

I had to think long and hard about my favorite dish. I finally got the answer when I thought about what I recommend to every visitor that comes to Austin. In the early 80’s I ate quite a bit at The Omlettry (on Lake Austin Blvd.), which later changed its name to Magnolia (get directions). I loved the omelets and tried all of them. Ultimately I decided on my favorite, which was vegetarian with a side of Ranch and a few squirts of Tabasco. I met one of my servers at a party and asked if everyone that went there regularly ordered the same thing every time they went. She said “No, but you do.” It’s true. I tell every visitor they must have a Magnolia Omelet with a side of gingerbread pancakes before they leave town. So far, everyone has been grateful for the advice.

I’ve been a pescatarian for the last 17 years but being a real Texan I still love my BBQ. When I have to have it, I get the vegetarian BBQ sandwich at Mr. Natural (get directions). Yum! When my more sophisticated side makes an appearance I go to Truluck’s (get directions) for the crab claws.

What’s Your Best Kept Austin Secret?

Austin’s best kept secret is the free art gallery at Dougherty Art Center (get directions). The exhibits are well thought out and generally fabulous. I also think the exceptional quality of the live theatre here is way too much of a secret. This would include the many great original improv groups that often play at The Hideout (get directions).

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