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Lois is an Austin, Texas intuitive consultant and teacher. Lois started her intuitive work in 1990 by practicing on anyone and everyone she could find. Her professional career began in January of 1994. Soon after, in 1995, she started teaching intuition classes. Lois has a different delivery than most other intuitive consultants in that she assists her clients with processing information rather than just providing a… READ MORE

What Lois Does

  • Phone Consultations (For people around the globe)
  • Individual In-Person Consultations (Austin area)
  • Couples Consultations
  • Fifteen Minute Phone Consultations (For quick answers to acute issues)
  • Intuition Classes
  • Relationship / Dating Workshops
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Latest Q&A

Q. I’m a single 30 year old. I met a girl a while back who I completely adored immediately. We have the same interests and background and great chemistry. When I met her, she had a live-in boyfriend, but they were already on the verge of breaking up, so I pursued her and told her … READ MORE

The Most-asked Question Ever

The Error of Omission

The issue is deep. It is certainly not conscious nor is the behavior that follows. The act itself is breaking an agreement. Beyond that, it goes against personal beliefs of both partners. I am assuming here that agreements are made based on mutual beliefs. When one goes against their own personal agreements and beliefs, it seems impossible that guilt (or at least some discomfort) wouldn’t follow.

Here is the worst part. If one doesn’t tell, it becomes the second act of betrayal. Now you have the act of omission. Continuing on, every time the partner has the potential of finding out the truth, the act of omission happens again.  READ MORE


Don’t resist your destiny.
Don’t fight your way to it.
Tell the universe you are ready and waiting for what is next.
Then surrender.
Be still and listen.
Allow a moment of quiet every day so you can hear.
Be ready.
Be open.
Allow and create.
If you meet resistance or experience pain you veered off path.
Stop and listen again and again.
Move only when it is time.
There is no need to run to or from.
Float to what is next.
Invite in your destiny and then practice gratitude with grace.


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